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Facts about Oil Paintings.

The world would not be the same without art. An artist is able to express himself through art especially some concepts that words cannot and also in painting beautiful image inspired by a lot of things. To capture that and put it on paper or on converse material artist need to use pain, oil or other substances to make lasting impressions.

The thing about oil paintings is that they need some different kind of handling compared with paintings made from other materials . Oil paintings take longer periods of time to work on compared to normal paints as much sixteen days or more. Oil paintings taking time should not be looked as a con. Oil takes time to dry and that allows the artist to make some corrections incase they make a mistake. Oils that dry slowly will enable an artist to pull some shade effects on a painting and hence connect them to real life.

Non-oil paints tend to fade especially when they are exposed to elements like water but as for oil , the time taken to dry makes them more lasting. .Oil paintings if error free do not have to take the basic time to dry, they can be dried faster thanks to technology. Oxidation is the process through which substances gain oxygen, this is the same process that will dry the paintings faster. Oil is very tough and also durable and it explains why its applied on wood and metal surfaces as well because once it dries it will stand the test of time. Oil can also be used externally and internally as well in both materials .

If you are new to painting oil paintings there are some factors to have in mind when looking for the oil paints. Oil paints have different qualities and means they will give different results . More viscous oil and less viscous oils will have different results on a painting and the difference is visible. The best way to make sure that you buy the best paint is to buy the quality that goes with the illustration that you want to create. Good brushes are contributors of good paintings so make a point of using a good brush for the best results.

Technology has developed applications that help you turn photos into paintings . It as simple as downloading mobile phone applications and after loading the photo on the converter you watch the magic happen. There are websites also that do the same for you online. A converted photo will be printed and when put in a frame you will have the exact thing as a painting. Ensure that you clean the oil paintings by the set procedures to avoid damaging them .

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