Why You Should Covert VHS to Digital

People everywhere are interested in preserving their memories through video recordings. In the past, film was the only way to do this, then came VHS and now it’s possible to record and store videos directly to the cloud or to small storage devices, such as CDs or memory cards.

While VHS really modernized the way people made home videos and for a time, became the standard thing, today there are few ways to play the tapes. In addition, the tapes can degrade over time and are easily damaged by heat and humidity. That’s why many people turn to services that transfer vhs to digital.

Preserve the Memories

One of the most important reasons to convert VHS tapes to digital is to preserve the memories even longer. While VHS was great for its time, it certainly doesn’t compare to today’s quality or durability. Digital files can be stored in multiple locations to ensure extra protraction. While VHS can be destroyed by a fire, flood or heat, digital files can be retrieved through the cloud and even stored there for access from anywhere.

Improved Quality

While it won’t be possible for every conversion, it is possible for many VHS tapes to be converted into a better quality video when changed to digital. A professional can correct lighting, remove grain and even improve sound quality. A VHS that may have been too damaged to watch may be able to be saved by a professional and then converted to digital to ensure no further damage occurs.

Share with Family

Digital videos are much easier to share with others as well. Because it can be stored in the cloud it’s easy to use cloud sharing access to provide others with the video. Alternatively, it’s also easy to make many digital copies of a video and create home movies on DVD that can be duplicated as many times as a person wants.

If you have VHS tapes that are damaged, or you simply have tapes that you can’t watch anymore, there are alternatives for you. Preserve your memories by allowing a professional to repair damaged tapes and covert them and your other stored VHS memories to digital format for your future enjoyment.